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 No "R" Birds
thru education we can eliminate birds requiring sanctuary
because they are:

Rescued- removed from a life threatening situation.
 Relinquished- voluntarily surrendered,
 Ransomed- relinquished for money.
Wild & Native birds
 We are not licensed  or  able to take in wild or native birds. The following are the closest rehab facilities to Jackson County.

Please contact:
Dekalb Co.
  AWARE @ 678-418-1111
Walton Co.

We provide a safe permanent home for parrots that have been neglected, abused and those with behavioral or medical issues. We focus on those most in need but a few of our flock simply needed a home. We prefer parrots have a home of their own! If at all possible we want your parrot to stay with you. To help, we provide: support, information, behavior modification and education so you & your parrot  will remain together.

 Parrots gotten in the 70's & 80's when parrot's were the iconic pet of choice need our help now more than ever. Huge numbers of these birds that are fortunate enough to have kept their homes are just hitting middle age. Their long time human caregivers are in their golden years and many are no longer able to care for these birds. Consider giving one of these birds a home and give plenty of thought to the long time responsibility and obligation of any bird, especially a baby parrot.
   We are a sanctuary. However we do have wonderful parrots that would thrive in a home environment with a family of their very own. Contact us to see if we have your lifetime companion.

                          Parrot Punches  (what we are really thinking but would never say)

  I am selling my bird because I am moving and can't take it with me. Think people! Even the smaller birds can live 20-25 yrs. Did you not know this when you got it. Again, read up before getting a bird. Do not expect others to take care of the birds YOU wanted. 
I can't afford to buy or the adoption fee for a parrot. Then you certainly cannot afford the cost to properly feed, house and provide basic medical care.
    One of the most common reasons parrots lose their homes is because their people no longer have time for them. Come on people take responsibility for your actions. It is your responsibility to find out every thing you can about your bird. Including the lifespan. Committing to a bird is a commitment for life - for the life of that bird.
    People always want to tell me about their parrots. Sadly most cannot tell me what kind (species) of parrot they have.
So you don't know what you have...then how can you properly care for them?
    I had a bird.  So where is it now and why don't you still have it?
 This hurts my heart yet the calls keep coming.  I am just getting to old to take care of my bird. These are the rare people committed to the long time care of their bird. But did you really think you would outlive a parrot?
 My parents,wife,etc. just died and it was their bird and I need to find it a home. OR I lost my job,..  getting a divorce,.. having a get the point and Yes- these are all life changes and things we cannot control.  But do not expect the rescue or sanctuary to BUY your bird. Do not call today and expect the bird to be taken tomorrow. Do not think because you are willing to give away the bird a space should be available and that there are no costs associated with taking in your bird. Understand that every reputable parrot welfare organization is full or overflowing and most have a waiting list.

bobBiggest supporter:
    It is impossible to express thanks & appreciation for all Bob Allwein has done and continues to do for the birds and the sanctuary. He is the brains, the brawn & yes the bank that keeps us going.  The Bird room, Shower room, Kitchen, Pantry & Toy making room were concrete and a few studs.  The aviary & flight were open space. The wonderful bird room, aviary & flight the birds enjoy are the result of hard work by Bob.
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