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 No "R" Birds
thru education we can eliminate birds requiring sanctuary
because they are:

Rescued- removed from a life threatening situation.
 Relinquished- voluntarily surrendered,
 Ransomed- relinquished for money.
Wild & Native birds
 We are not licensed or able to take in wild or native birds. If you have found or need help with local wildlife please contact:

Dekalb Co.
  AWARE @ 678-418-1111
Walton Co.
    @ 770-573-9269

We provide a safe permanent home for parrots that have been neglected, abused and those with behavioral or medical issues. We focus on those most in need but a few of our flock simply needed a home. We prefer parrots have a home of their own! If at all possible we want your parrot to stay with you. To help, we provide: support, information, behavior modification and education so you & your parrot  will remain together.

 Parrots gotten in the 70's & 80's when parrot's were the iconic pet of choice need our help now more than ever. Huge numbers of these birds that are fortunate enough to have kept their homes are just now hitting middle age. Their long time human care givers are in their golden years and many are no longer able to care for these birds. Consider giving one of these birds a home and give plenty of thought to the long time responsibility and obligation of any bird, especially a baby parrot.

    Parrots Available for Placement
Why as a sanctuary are we placing our birds? Most parrots will out live their human companions. We as care givers are getting older too. We are choosing to do the responsible thing and find lifetime homes for our current parrots before we can no longer give them the quality care they are receiving.
We would love to keep them all. Resources allow us to properly care for a limited number of parrots. By finding well qualified homes for our current birds we can help the many that have been waiting for a space to open up. Our Birds are placed in the best, most qualified and committed homes. If you are the rare bird that has the desire, the ability and are willing to commit a LIFETIME to an amazing companion, contact: for an application.  

NOTE:  Due to the number of birds we currently care for and those waiting for a opening in we are unable to bring in or put any more birds on our waiting list.


Biggest supporter:
    It is impossible to express thanks & appreciation for all Bob Allwein has done and continues to do for the birds and the sanctuary. He is the brains, the brawn & yes the bank that keeps us going.  Everything bird is the result of hard work by Bob. Current project is building a bird resistant hose box for in the flight and a work shop/storage area.
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no-"R"-birds  501(c)3 non-profit
(ID: 27-233-7242)
Located in Jackson County, GA. 30565
Phone: 706-757-8810