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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Upcoming Events

                  Sept 23: AAV conference:Sept 22-27  Our birds will be                         participating in a  presentation given by The Gaberial Foundtion                    at this years event in Atlanta.
                 Oct 9: Athens Tech. hands on with the birds. We again                                        are hosting a hands on lab for A/T students. They will interact and                                      handle parrots. They will also be given instruction on grooming as                                          well as husbandry.                                                                                                      
                                               (Click here to see previous events)

Helping other birds  

       UGA was in need of blood for a transfusion. We were contacted asking for help. Our birds are vetted and healthy and able to help. This is the second donation Kahala has made to help another parrot in need. After the blood draw Kahala was wrapped for warmth & cuddled for comfort. He rested overnight and was his same self the next day.

       Tours & Sanctuary visits
We are a closed aviary. Tours are by appointment only
 Caring for these e birds is quite expensive. The requested $125 donation per tour group (5 guest limit) helps us provide food, enrichment and medical care for these birds.
Reservations are required 2 weeks in advance with a 5 guest limit. Do to the interaction and inherent nature of our parrots, tours are not appropriate for children under 12 years of age. Every guest under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Please allow 2 hours for the tour.
 Our tours are hands on and very educational. You will see over 20 different species of parrots including a few hybrids and a toucan. You will have the opportunity to hold, feed and                                                                                    play with parrots!
Reserve your experience. (706)757-8810 or

Recent Events:

UGA veternarian students for Hands-on lab:  April 15 & 22
Vetrenarian students were given the oppertunity to transfer a restrained parrot and get some experience with nail & wing trims. They also spent time working on "step-up" with some of our flock birds.

Old Navy volunteer day - April 4
                                           This crew of four did a nice clean-up of the flight and then spent some quality time with the birds.

Oct 6- Athens Tech Educational visit
Dr Vaughn brought out 10 of her vet tech students for a hands on visit with our flock. The students experienced using a dremel  to get the feel of trimming nails as well as cut actual feathers to understand what it is like to trim wing feathers. To get the feel of handling a parrot, "Sunshine" our Milli-gold macaw who was wrapped in a towel, was passed from one student to another so they could both transfer and hold a restrained bird.

Aug 19th - Pet Expo at the Classic Center
A wonderful event spotlighing local non-profit animal rescue and welfare organizations. Eleven non-profits were represented with some amazing animals availabe for placement. This anual event is a great place to find your next companion. Our parrots were a big hit and had a fun time people watching. See you here next year. If you do not want to wait until next year to meet your parrot companion, email us for an application.

                Flight Activities:

                               Group shots of the birds enjoying the open air and sunshine.

              Want to volunteer?
    There are many ways you can support the birds.  We work but we have fun. We play, and   boy do we play!

 If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information on how you can help, please contact Nancy Hunter by email at <>.                                                                      

                                                          2018 past Events                                                                  
      UGA veternary club Husbandry presentation - April 4

2017 past Events
             Student Shadow program- May 21                                     Educational tour for teachers- June 21
               Tour - July 6                                                                  Pet Expo @ the Classic Center -Aug 19
            Zoo Days at Bear Hollow - Aug 26                                Volunteer day @ The Gabriel Foundation-Sept 23              

2016 past Events
             OLLI , an interactive discussion- March 7                                 Blood donation at UGA (Kahala)- Sept 22                    Athens Tech- Oct 9                                                      Mount Vernon Outreach- Sept 7                            Library Outreach-March 31  April 14  July 12
2015 past Events
Atlanta Bird club- Nov. 16                                Volunteer work @ The Gabriel foundation - Feb 12 & 1
            UGA Open House - April 3                               Artists in the flight - April 27 & May 11
          PALS Program @ HSNEGa.- June 11 & 18     Art in the park - Sept 19 & 20
          HSNEGa. open house - Oct. 1                     Sponsored grooming HSNEGa. Oct. 3
2014 past Events
                  SOS - Feb 3                                       UGA open House - April 4
               Zoo Days @ Bear Hollow - Oct                     Atlanta Bird Club - Nov 16
                  HSNEGA Pals Program - July 9 & 16               
                  Athens Tech - Aug 1                                    Love of Llamas 4-H event - Oct 18
2013 past Events
                 Bentley Assisted Living visit - Jan 5              UGA open house-April 5
              4-H & Llamas @ Chilean farms - May 10        HSNeGa. PALS summer camp - 4 programs in June
              Turtle Trek - Aug                                            Flight Grand opening - Sept 7     
              Art in the Park - Sept 14 & 15                     Painting w/Parrots - Sept 22
               Zoo Days @ Bear Hollow - Oct                    Wellness (vet) check ups - Dec 2
2012 past Events
                  Athens Montessori School - Jan 16                      UGA open house - April 6
                 Outreach @ Home Depot - April 7                         Hill Haven Nursing Home Visit - May
                 4-H of Oconee County - June 4                            Pet Pals @ Humane Society of NE Georgia - July 9
                 Georgia Companion Bird Society - July 22            Miss Vickies Parrot village open house -- Aug 8
                 Turtle Trek - Aug 11
                                     Port Party Fund Raiser -  Aug 18  
              Art in the Park - Sept 15-16                                  Zoo Days @ Bear Hollow - Oct 6    
              OLLIE presentation - Dec 5

'11 past Events

      HSJC meeting- Feb 8                                              Pet Fest- May 28    
       no-"R"-birds open house- June 4                           Sluggers for Strays- June 11
       Humane Society of NE Georgia Pet P.A.L.S. program- July 12 &19
       Turtle trek at Crows Lake- Aug 13                             Art in the Park- Sept 18 & 19
       Maysville Festival- Sept 3 thru Oct 1                          "Re-tail" grand opening (HSJC)
       Parrot Blood donation @ UGA- Dec 5

    '10 past Events
     Squawktalk meeting: April 4                           Zoo Days: May 1
      Luau for the Library: May 4                           PetFest: May 29
      Parrots & Boy Scout: June 10                       Humane Society of N.E. Georgia: June 16
      City Lights in Commerce: June 26                 Turtle Trek @ Crows Lake: Aug 14
      Art in the Park: Sept 18 & 19                         Maysville Festival: Oct 1,2 & 3
      Educational presentation for the Harris family re-union
      Athens Garden Club: ecology vs habitat destruction for wild parrots

'09 past Events
     Zoo Days: May 2                                           Youth group: March 12
      Squawktalk meeting: April 23                           Athens photography guild (donbyram art): May 09                               PetFest: May 30                                             Lyndon House youth week: June 3rd & 10th
      Visit to Montessori: July 15                             Art in the Park: Sept 19-20
      Fly-in J.C. Airport: Nov 14

'08 Events:
      Zoo Days: May 17                                           City Lights: June 28
       Turtle Trek: Aug 9                                            Avian Veterinary conference: Aug 9-14
       Bird Meeting: Sept 2                                        Art Festival (Donbyram Art): Sept 6
       Mimosas for Mutts: Sept 13                              Art in the Park: Sept 20-21
       Bird Transport: Nov 1-3