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Thank YOU!

Our non-profit facility dedicated to bird care depends heavily upon the good will and assistance of many, many wonderful people.
We very much appreciate the donations of time and money and in-kind donations that help our birds everyday.
Here are a few of those who've helped us so much in our time of need.
Thank you so much!
Mickey Rosenbaum 
 What a great friend! Mickey provided the information & installed the software to develop & maintain this site. He was the sole technical support and my drivr to get this site off the ground.

Lisa & Paul of  R-PAK

phone: 770 725 8484
Since 2007 Lisa & Paul have provided all the paper we use to line our cage trays. This gift goes beyond the obvious of eliminating our cost for paper. It saves us countless hours of cleaning while providing a healthy clean environment for our flock. Because of Lisa & Paul we have clean paper every day for our cage trays & everyday I thank Lisa & Paul for their  continued support.
  2014 & Rpak is still providing rolls & large flat sheets of paper that we use to line the bottom trays of the bird cages.
Keith Long
Aug.19-'10  A new computer & operating system had us crawling the walls. In just a few hours he had the web site data & programs transfered and running. 
I am truly fortunate to have such a good friend.

Val Barrios
Designed & made this wonderfully whimsical vest of airy black mesh with colorful embroidered parrots & 4 T's that I wear at all  "no-"R"-birds" functions.   

501(c)3 made possible by:

The Ralph and Virginia Mullin Foundation  &  Hinderaker & Raul, PLC

The Ralph and Virginia Mullin Foundation provided the funding.
Hinderaker & Raul, PLC processed & filed the paperwork. (thank you Ashley)

This gift is priceless.  Thank you for helping us help the birds.
Tax ID: 27-233-7242
These are just a few of the wonderful donors that have supported us over the years. Please check the web-site often for mention of the many others.